Healthy Eating + Active Living Act Endorsement Form

For the 2015 spring session of the Illinois General Assembly, one of IAPO’s priorities is to support the Healthy Eating Active Living Act. The Healthy Eating Active Living Act would provide kids, families and communities the tools to live healthier lives with funds from a small tax on sugary drinks. These community tools would include increased opportunities for physical activity and affordable healthier food, such as healthier school lunches, physical education, farmers markets, walking and biking trails, and parks with fitness equipment. The Act also invests in expanding prevention services in the Illinois Medicaid program.

By checking the box below, you indicate that your organization’s name should be added to the list of endorsing organizations in support of the Healthy Eating Active Living Act.  By checking the box, you also indicate that you understand that IAPO members will collectively make (or designate a sub-set of IAPO members to make) decisions about changes to language around this proposal.


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