Illinois P.E. Champions

The Illinois Public Health Institute is pleased to recognize more than 50 physical education (P.E.) champions across Illinois who are helping to create and implement enhanced P.E. programs and policies in schools across the state. Through a call for nominations, we had 52 P.E. champions nominated from 29 districts for their dedication to helping all kids receive high-quality P.E.

Some of the ways these P.E. champions are promoting enhanced P.E. across the state of Illinois are highlighted in the quotes from the nominations form:

“My son comes home telling me about games, exercises, muscles, and incredible tips to live a healthy lifestyle. My child’s physical education teacher even introduced Star Wars Yoga where she had the children breathing like Darth Vader.”

“This group of P.E. teachers is committed to not only providing great P.E. options for their students but also role modeling physical fitness through holding 10 coaching positions between the four of them.”

“This K-5 P.E. teacher regularly applies for grants for various PE equipment to further enhance learning. Brings in a variety of activities outside of the traditional PE menu including Drums Alive, fitness activities like exercise video games, throwing skill projector and other use of technology. Organizes World Wide Day of Play and Jump Rope for Heart for the entire school, organizing and running Family Fitness Night, Staff Play/Fitness Days after school and introduced the Step Challenge for staff, helps to organize and run end of the year field, and implemented and organized the Oakdale Running Club 5K for students.”

The following teachers and school health advocates have been nominated as P.E. champions in 2018:

Name School District Number
Adrienne Merritt 160
Cheryl Lodge 176
Debbie Penrod 115
Emily Boie 17
Erik Lindblom 60
Heidi Keller 47
Jonas Scott 69
Julie Kraemer 1
Kelly Gallick 5
Kris Hansford 60
Ladonna Bachmann 84
Laura Nussle 308
Laurel Clark 91
Lori Klein-Blazek 299
Mary Olson 60
Michael Millikan 299
Michelle Augustyniak 230
Michelle Thomas 165
Nicholas Brown 196
Reuben Hill 70
Sally Anderson 91
Samantha Shuman 100
Scott Forman 104
Sean Kasak 86
Stacy Faulkner 228
Tammy Steinkamp 46
Terri Schrishuhn 228
Tom Brown 102
Group Nominations
School District #45
Nina Vicicondi
Christy Jurik
Gregg Huckstadt
Norm Aliga
School District #29
Lisa Mattera
Dave Sislow
School District #7
Mariah Dennison
Mary Reeder
Caitlin Drone
Andi York
Angie Brown
Courtney Smothers
Jana Bradshaw
Heather Pritchett
Amy Knott
Angie Cox
Caitlin Burklow
Tyler Lambert
School District #307
Dakota Flesner
Tim Lafferty
Michael Lafferty
Justin Ellison
School District #63
Erin Bauler
Erin Cepa