Local Foods Workgroup

The IAPO Local Food Systems workgroup focuses on issues that were identified at the 2012 Healthy Farms, Healthy People Symposium.  Co-chaired by Marjorie Sawicki of St. Louis University and Bob Dolgan of the Greater Chicago Food Depository, the workgroup is focused on increasing access to and consumption of healthy, locally grown food by addressing issues related to food security, food safety, and production and processing of locally-produced food.

For 2015, the workgroup will focus on:

  • Building stronger linkages between nutrition, local food, anti-hunger and food security efforts across the state.
  • Working with IAPO’s Nutrition in Community Settings workgroup to look at ways to implement SNAP incentives for double value purchasing at farmers markets in Illinois (introduced as HB 6027 in 2016)
  • Identifying actions that can be taken to support farm to school initiatives across the state.
  • Continuing to share information with IAPO members about advocacy, rule making and implementation for federal and state policies such as Childhood Nutrition Reauthorization and the Farm Bill.


Information about shared-used kitchens in Illinois (a workgroup priority in 2013), including a map of where they can be found, is available on the Culinary Incubator website.

Information on shared kitchen user licensing in Chicago.

  • Submitted comments on the proposed rules for the federal Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and shared information with IAPO partners.
  • Worked to get information about local food systems research needs in the hands of researchers, college faculty and practitioners across the state.

The Healthy Farms, Healthy People Coalition website contains many resources to support local food systems across the country. 

If you are interested in joining the workgroup or learning more, please contact Jess Lynch at Jessica.Lynch@iphionline.org.