About HACN

Healthy & Active Communities Network

A network of communities working to increase healthy eating and active living in Illinois

The Healthy & Active Communities Network (HACN) is a peer learning network of local coalitions and community partnerships working towards sustainable improvements in healthy eating and active living through policy, systems and environmental change. Network Affiliates share lessons learned and foster alignment of goals and strategies. As part of the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity (IAPO), HACN helps build strategic relationships and improves coordination between local initiatives and state-level stakeholders.  Network Affiliates work to increase synergies, maximize resource development and use, and more effectively influence local, state, and federal policy change. Join us and be part of a statewide network to strengthen and improve our local and collective work.

Who can join the Healthy & Active Communities Network?

The HACN is open to any local-level coalition or partnership in Illinois striving for long-term improvements in healthy eating and active living. The Network is also open to stakeholders intending to form a coalition.

How will local coalitions benefit from joining the Network?

The Network will further build local coalition capacity by connecting Affiliates with expertise among their peers and with subject-matter experts at the local, state and national levels through IAPO. The Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI), which staffs the Network, will facilitate learning about strategies of common interest and coalition-building skills, so that the HACN serves as a platform for bridging and building on existing networks.

HACN - network directoryNetwork Directory  

Network Affiliates will have increased awareness of other local initiatives and opportunities to connect with peers throughout the state by sharing contact information and areas of expertise in a Network Directory.

TraHACN - training & TAining and Technical Assistance

Network Affiliates will receive training to strengthen coalition functionality and increase knowledge and skills for implementing effective strategies through a series of opportunities, including quarterly network calls, peer learning teams, webinars, and a monthly newsletter. Network Affiliates can also reach out to IPHI staff and each other for support. IPHI will accept requests for assistance and respond according to staff expertise or will connect Network Affiliates with subject-matter experts or their peers.

HACN - strategic alliancesStrategic Alliances

Network Affiliates will have a forum for building strategic alliances with peers to support passage of state-level priorities and to strategize ways to overcome barriers and successfully implement state-level policies at the local level. As the community-focused workgroup of IAPO, your coalition has an opportunity to provide input on and support possible or proposed statewide policies that resonate with you related to IAPO’s Obesity Action Roadmap.

HACN - peer-driven prioritiesPeer-Driven Priorities

Network Affiliates help direct the activities and priorities of the HACN. IPHI will identify local coalitions’ technical assistance and training needs, strengths, and successes on an ongoing basis to determine training and technical assistance content and other Network activities.

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